A highly driven cybersecurity professional with experience in data & project management, financial analysis, and Python. Explore my portfolio to see my projects and expertise in action.

Michael Stafford Jr.


Featured Projects

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turned on flat screen monitorturned on flat screen monitor
Python Based Keylogger

The Python-based keylogger project showcases my ability to develop advanced monitoring solutions by capturing and logging user keystrokes, enabling detailed analysis for security investigations and research purposes while emphasizing my proficiency in Python programming and cybersecurity awareness.

System & Network Health Monitors

This includes a Python script that serves as a comprehensive system monitoring tool for cybersecurity professionals, providing real-time insights into critical performance metrics, including CPU, memory, and disk usage, alongside CPU temperature. The script features colorful visualizations, such as progress bars, and issues warnings whenever any of the monitored parameters exceed 90%, enabling proactive detection of potential performance issues and security threats, thereby empowering users to maintain system health and optimize overall security.

silver and black combination padlocksilver and black combination padlock
Password Strength Checker

An intelligent password strength assessment tool that employs sophisticated algorithms to evaluate and score the robustness of user passwords, empowering individuals and organizations to adopt stronger authentication practices and safeguard their sensitive information from potential breaches.

a person holding a cell phone in their handa person holding a cell phone in their hand

This code showcases my proficiency in developing an AI-powered chat interface using Python and popular libraries like Tkinter and OpenAI. The chat interface allows users to engage in natural language conversations with an AI assistant powered by the GPT-3.5 Turbo model.

black and white remote controlblack and white remote control

Developed an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) using Python to monitor network traffic and detect potential intrusions. It leverages the Pushover application to notify mobile users via push notification and desktop users via the notification system.

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Simulation & Event Modeling

This code simulates a SOC environment, where incidents are generated at random intervals and assigned to a team of analysts who resolve them within a specified time frame. The objective is to measure the efficiency of the incident response team by tracking the number of incidents resolved during the simulation.

Mobile Intrusion Detection System
ChatGPT Assistant

About Me

I am Michael Stafford Jr., and my technical skills, Security+ certification, and Python proficiency empower me to safeguard network and financial confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

The soft skills developed as an experienced consultant, allow me to excel at addressing client needs and collaborating across teams to drive efficient and accurate outcomes.

Let's connect on LinkedIn to explore collaborations in defending against cybersecurity threats and creating a secure digital landscape!

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